AQV Systems: water filter & water purifier systems

Your body contains about 70% water. Your body constantly uses water to hydrate organs, tissues and cells. Because water is that important, you should only have the best water for your body!

AQV Systems offers high quality water filters. These water filters can do more than just filter water: the AQV is an all-rounder which nog only filters tap water, but also mineralize and revitalises and ven makes alkaline water.

AQV Systems are available for small and large households, practices, office and sport studios (5, 10 and 12 liters), can be placed anywhere without power or water supply, has an excellent price / performance ratio and is of course free of harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates.

Health promises of a AQV water filter of water purifier

  • Filters protozoa, bacteria and chemicals (such as chlorine) from the water
  • Essential minerals are added to the water
  • Slightly alkaline water actively helps acidify
  • The 1200 gauss magnet crane creates hexagonal water. This can easily be absorbed by your cells.

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